Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to SCMMGA!


Southern California Medical Marijuana Growers Association


Welcome to the SCMMGA! We are a not-for-profit trade association committed to preserving the rights and privileges of caregivers, patient cultivators and collective growers in the State of California.

We are committed to the development and availability of the highest quality medical grade marijuana for all California patients, and the reduction of the risks inherent in the "gray" areas of California's medical marijuana laws for caregiver businesses. Whether its through training, educating the public, supporting local medical marijuana law reform, or by developing a strong network enabling caregivers to help each other, the SCMMGA is here to help. Our goal is the long term success of all individuals and companies involved in cultivating and distributing marijuana for medicinal purposes in the State of California.

The Southern California Medical Marijuana Growers' Association represents caregivers and patients who grow their own medical marijuana. Our Mission is to support growers' privileges, superiour patient care, provide a voice for medical marijuana cultivators, and promote the lawful and ethical conduct of our members.

The Federal Government recently announced that it would not prosecute medical marijuana providers as long as those providers follow the laws of the state in which they reside. The SCMMGA's primary objective is to identify "best practices" under the Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Act (SB 420 andProp215) in areas where case law has not yet been established. We want to establish the proper conduct and behavioral protocols of fully law-compliant medical marijuana patients and cultivators, and therefore good citizens, without having to go to court. Given the general support for medical marijuana in California, it makes sense to work with the government, rather than to fight it in court, risking our liberties and families in the process. However, if the courtroom is the only place for establishing the proper conduct protocols of medical marijuana patients and cultivators, then we can do that too!

Do we represent everyone? No, and we don’t attempt to. We do not seek to radically transform the law, creatively reinterpret it, or use the law as a tool for adversity. We do want to help law-abiding citizens follow both the spirit and the letter of the Compassionate Use Act to the best of our ability.


Our primary goal is the success of a California-based medical marijuana industry. There are many ways we can help that happen, including participating in the following. Yes, it is a long list and there is much to do! We need your help.

· To provide a political voice specifically for medical marijuana growers in the State of California and support California-based marijuana cultivation.

· Find ways to make our medicine better, safer, and more accessible to those who need it.

· Preserve the "caregiver/patient" model as it currently stands under California Law, and provide a network enabling caregivers to support each other to meet the needs of their patients.

· Help identify “best" (or perhaps "safest") business practices for caregivers and patients to grow their own medicine, and make the information available to all its members.

· Identify standards for California medical marijuana industry in terms of the quality and consistency of its product output as a whole.

· Provide education to doctors, state agencies, and other third parties on the practical dynamics of growing medicine for the seriously ill.

· Support a framework for excellent patient-physician interraction, and act as an information resource for medical marijuana patients and growers.

· Interact with law enforcement and other state agencies on behalf of medical marijuana patients and growers.

· Identify companies and vendors who are friendly to our cause and make them known to our members.

· Provide a meaningful context in which caregivers and patient-growers can interact and learn from one another.

· Help develop standards to reduce the risk of illegal use of medical marijuana products by those who are not authorized.

Our Mission

· Provide a Voice for Medical Marijuana Cultivators
· Support Superior Patient Care
· Promote the Lawful and Ethical Conduct of our Members

How You Can Help

SCMMGA is currently looking for members, fundraising ideas, and folks to help spread the word about the organization.


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